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I have been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 20 years, and have been specializing in spa services since I graduated from Minnesota State Wadena. Nothing makes my day more enjoyable than to fill it with pedicures, manicures, and body sugaring. 



Don't let my ever changing (usually wild) hair fool you - my main goal in life is relaxation. I am a certified massage therapist, which carries over into all of my services. The foot massage portion of my pedicures is impossible to beat! I have also been doing Alexandria Body Sugaring for the entire time I've been a stylist. I make it look easy, but I promise you, it's an art! Besides spa services, my other passion is keeping up with fashion and trends. I love to know what's "hot" each season, and making sure that everyone who visits me has a manicure and pedicure that are on-trend and PERFECT for them! 



A few random things you may not know about me... I grew up in Clarissa, MN. I have four wonderful kiddos, and a new grandbaby! My husband and I own a hobby farm near Brandon. Nothing makes my heart happier than adding glitter to something. I collect mermaids. The top item on my "bucket list" is to swim with manatees, which I got to do recently! If I wasn’t a stylist I’d be a marine biologist. 



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