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I attended the Spa Luna Holistic school in Haiku, Hawaii, and am a licensed Minnesota Advanced Practice Esthetician. I have always had a passion for skin care, and love that I get to spend my days educating people on how to best nurture and care for their skin. 


I have always loved beatiful things; flowers, jewelry, photography. My mother nourished my love of everything beautiful (she is a cosmetic tattoo artist), and she encouraged me to chase my dreams of owning my own spa. I love to travel, and as such, I love to research the different skin and body care methods available in the world. My life lead me to Hawaii, and the training I received in Hawaii opened up my eyes to a wide array of ways to care for your skin, and also enriched me with the in-depth knowledge of why certain products work well for our skin. When I returned to Minnesota to start my family, it wasn't long before I was able to strike off with two friends and spread my love of skin care to the Alexandria community! 



A few random things you may not know about me... I graduated from Jefferson High School, and I was a cheerleader. I have two sweet little boys who I love more than anything else. I am married to Billy, who grew up in Boston. I love to garden - if I'm home in the summer, I'm outside! I absolutely LOVE football - my favorite team is (of COURSE) the Minnesota Vikings!! If I wasn't an esthetician, I would be a stay at home mom, or an RN practicing cosmetic rejuvenation services. 




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